Defining Legacy: The Office and Adventure Blog Series

Thirteen months ago, I hated my life.  Sitting in a semi-cubicle, doing outbound sales for America’s most hated company, Comcast.  Gaining weight, customers venting their hatred for the company on me by the phone, becoming depressed thinking about past successfully executed travels.  Heading into Memorial Day Weekend of 2016, I packed my bag for a weekend of reflection in Vermont, and drove off with a couple buddies.  Memorial Day Weekend in Vermont made me realize my current role provided no fulfillment.  There was no to develop skills, justify spending my youth at Comcast, and to live a life based on legacy, I must change.

Jersey City, New York, New Jersey

        Stopping back in Massachusetts that Tuesday, quit my job at Comcast, made arrangements for the next two months, left my parents some money, and took off.  With the two deals in place, I took train ride to New York City, and began subletting in the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  Walking Central Park during the day, standing on the Piers of Hoboken at night, completing online school work through out the week, and obtaining a working from home internship.  Living a lone in Manhattan, taking time each day to wander a different part of New York City, thinking of how generations of people have traveled here, and made their way in the world.  My time a lone in New York helped me to evaluate my personal values, acquire skills, and follow a life based on legacy.

Catching a plane to Washington, the outskirts of the lake towns were not as seattleproductive.  It was incredible to visit Washington in July, the rain showing how naturally beautiful the state is, incredible hikes, and an innovative city in Seattle.  The Washington stay was not as productive, living with Navy Guys, binge drinking any given day lifestyle,  and getting no work done. My hand was pretty busted from stupidity, back home my Grandmother had passed, and it was time to return.  I came back with the mindset needed to be successful in life, making these trip was essential, and helped me find balance.

Going into this summer, my life is fulfilling, because it is focused on legacy.  Often people write of extremes, work versus adventure, but I believe there is a balance.  There are companies that can bring that sense of balance sometimes needed in the millennial workforce to provide that sense of importance.  Adventuring can often be a way of channeling someone’s energy to help prep them for handling everyday life.Vance Creek Ridge  Maybe adventuring is all some people want to do though…that thirst is in some degree always there.  My summer series “The Office and Adventure” will focus on the pros and cons of both lifestyles, to help readers mentally prepare for their path, and live their lives creating their legacy.

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