Eugene Tech Junction

At the beginning of May, I attended the Eugene Tech Junction hosted at the Hilton Hotel.  Eugene is a small town in Oregon, carrying the Pacific Northwest’s signature vibrant green plant life, fueled by the craft beer of local breweries, and seafood deemed “straight off the boat.”  You see the Fred Armesan’s ,”Portlandia,” IFC fashioned characters from women walking their cats, grown and chopped facial hair, any given vehicle having monster truck tires. eugene themeAt the junction, an underlying community you wouldn’t be able to spot with the everyday eye emerged, with the Oregon Tech Community.  The Oregon Tech Community consisting of primarily storage backups, software, cloud companies is a very tight knit group, ranging north through Portland, and all on a first name basis.

My reason for attending the junction was to manage my company’s(Zerto) booth and gain leads.  Standing in front of my vendor booth’s table, angling myself, similar to how an actor presents himself, and began greeting people walking by, with hopes of scanning them.  Back in Boston, people function at a very fast place, waking each day on their own mission, and approaching them came with providing instant results.  The people of Oregon are more acute with their emotions, comfortable with their sensitivity, and carrying introverted tech qualities.  Maintaining a mindset to aggressively speak to everyone, but leading my approach with a relaxing sense, and gentle tone when conversing.  I was able to gain over fifty scans at a fairly small event because of my aggressive mindset, but more importantly the understanding of my audience, and how my approach meshed with their laid back western outlook.

eugene tech junction

The Eugene Tech Junction has supposedly decreased in size since previous years.  It was overall enjoyable to work. A lot of fellow companies were very friendly, striking up conversation about our companies, other events, and being complimented for gaining leads.  It was a great opportunities to practice my pitch before having to work much larger VMUG events in the future. Eugene’s Tech Junction was also my first time participating in virtual reality, which I recommend if you’re feeling interactive, and comfortable with how you probably look doing it.  Hopefully, I will continue to visit Oregon, and become more acquainted with the tech community.

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