Last week to make NOLA-Pensacola four state, three hour, drive

This week is the last chance to make the three state, four hour,  New Orleans-Pensacola, Florida drive before Memorial Day, and “Hot Season.”  Beginning in New Orleans because of the air port, taking you through Alabama, Mississippi, and finish by crossing a bridge over the Gulf of Mexico, to the white beaches of Pensacola, Florida.   One day you could be enjoying fried catfish, the history of the French Quarter, only to hop in your car, and spend the night dining in a resort, watching the sunset on the ocean three states over.  Passengers in the car don’t have to let their vacations stop because of the

Bob Campbell 2265

Selfie on the Mississippi River, NOLA.

“To Go” alcohol smoothie shops that can be found on the drive.  Three out of fourth seasons of the year, this is one of the easiest vacation road trips to make, very affordable, large variety of southern food, and a clear watered coastal drive will not cut in your quality time.

With Memorial Day, comes the deep south’s “Hot Season,” and human congestion fills the route.  “Hot Season” is a the term used to describe when the Deep South goes from hot, to an unbearable, shirt drenching humidity, that none of the states locals can adapt to.  You’d find yourself entering New Orleans, nauseated by the sewage smell of the city rising in intense heat, and struggling to cross state borders as quickly.  Pensacola, in the spring has cheaper hotel rates, wide open beaches, and it is very to quickly do any tourist activity.  With Memorial Day, the bridge is blocked with traffic, the beaches crowd, waits begin in the restaurants, and it is no longer the peaceful vacation spot that was provided in May.  As you sit in traffic on the connecting bridge to Pensacola, you will find the heat sweating your patience, frustration growing with the cars around you, and fear that you might be sitting on an ocean side bridge when a coastal hurricane occurs.  Bob Campbell 2271

If you have the opportunity, take these next few days, to make that four state drive.  The heat of the Deep South’s May is just as hot of a summer as the rest of America.  Walk down Bourbon Street, while taking advantage of the open container laws, eat gator for dinner, and find the clash of cultures from voo doo dolls to jazz music.  Feel free to stop on your drive and enjoy the lazy rivers and secluded beaches of Alabama.  Have free roam of the cleanest beaches on Earth in Pensacola, go out to restaurants with no lines, impulsively go para sailing over the Gulf of Mexico,  Bob Campbell 2285.jpgThis is the last week to cover ground and experience everything the Deep South has to offer, take that four state, three hour drive, and don’t get caught by the grinding anchors of the Memorial Day kick off, or “Hot Season.”


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