#4 Tips and Activities for Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon takes place on Patriots Days through Boston and it’s outskirts cities of Massachusetts.  The marathon holds a lot of activities for all different people.  Some people see it as an uplifting event, certain people view it as a major drinking day, and others probably don’t want to be near the city.  Here are  #4 activities and tips for the Boston Marathon.

#1 Roof Parties

Rooftop parties should be a high priority if you’re not physically watching the Boston Marathon.  Young adults in their 20’s and 30’s often host them.  Roof parties provide an opportunities to take in incredible views of the city, enjoy the spring time weather, and their exclusiveness help to not be shoulder to shoulder in the crowd.  Years of finding roof top parties have brought me to MIT parties of geniuses blasting their homemade dub step music off the roof to law school students trying to drink their stress away.  If you’re at the Marathon, try and find a roof party.Bob Campbell 851.jpg

#2 Security

Marathon Monday has seen a major increase in security.  Crowds are now funneled and heavily controlled by the police since the Marathon Bombing in 2013. Bob Campbell 852.jpgCops and hired security now protect gated entrances into the race, all purses and bags are checked, and it makes it more difficult to maneuver through the crowds.  I’d recommend not bringing a purse or bag to keep yourself moving.  Plan ahead, the crowds will move slower, make sure you have a set plan, and don’t get caught in human traffic.  All of the recent security measures are completely understandable due to recent events.

#3 Southie

South Boston is lively in the streets but you can still walk where you please.  You can drive normally on the highways and avoid the main event south of Boston.  The bars are crowded, but less overwhelming than the ones in the heart of the city, with lines out the door.  If you’re someone who wants to have a fun afternoon, but avoid human traffic, go to South Boston, and you’ll still enjoy one of Boston’s most exciting days.

#4 Sox Game

There’s usually a Red Sox game taking place around 11:30 during the Marathon.  A lot of scalpers are out, a decent amount of people can’t make the day game, and you can find reasonably prices tickets.  If you’ve watched the race, might be looking to change activities, go watch a daytime baseball.   Bob Campbell 2206.jpg

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