AT&T Park: San Francisco’s Home on the Cove and Even Year Dreams

 I stepped off the bus, standing in front of the San Francisco Bus Station, still sore from an 8hour bus ride from Los Angeles.  My mouth dropped open, as I glanced over, The San Francisco Giant’s baseball stadium, AT&T Park sat down the street from the bus station.  My friend wasn’t supposed to meet me for another hour, so I walked to the park.  It was a little after 8 o’clock, if there was a home game it would be happening right now.  No sound, the lack of people walking around the park, and dim lighting signaled to me the Giants were not in town.  The San Francisco Giants always fascinated me from it’s giant left field glove, vastness of the park, to the players like Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, and Tim Lincecum who put on the uniform.  Being 3,000miles from home, I decided to check out the park.   Bob Campbell 1533


       AT&T sat directly on the Pacific Ocean, overlooking a vast sail boat yard, docked along the back of the stadium., I followed a path carved with Giants Players records into the cement, along the right field part of the park, known as McCovey Cove. Bob Campbell 1559 McCovey Cove was named after Giants firstbaseman Willie McCovey, a world champion, and hall of famer with the Giants.  A large statue of McCovey sits across the cove, surrounded by cobblestones, engraved with players names, who received the “Willie Mac Award” for being the most inspirational player on the team.   I stood there feeling a light breeze on my face, the last signs of the sun over the ocean horizon, the sail boats rocking around the cove, and I believe this might be the most beautiful place to hold a sporting event on planet earth.  

Bob Campbell 1560

At the end of McCovey Cove’s path was an open door, a light reflecting out of it, and the sounds of multiple female voices. I approached the door find girls sitting before me, all simultaneously making eye contact with me, and experiencing confusion over who this stranger with a gym bag was. Bob Campbell 1536


Staring back down at them, it occurred to me how friendly people from San Francisco are rumored to be, so I took a chance,


“ Hey, my names Bobby, I’m 3,000miles from home, a massive baseball fan, I was wondering if I could just walk on the park.  I’d only need a couple of minutes, I just want to look around.”


All the girls stared at eachother searching for a decision, one shrugged, stated it be fine, and I followed the girl standing farthest to the left, through a corn maze gate into right field.  


         At I walked through, I was curious if the Giants always had stocks of corn surround entrances. Crossing through a stared across the inside of AT&T, the largest ball park I had ever seen.  The brick wall of McCovey Cove towered behind me, a large clock tower in the middle of center shined in the moonlight, that giant glove I always wondered about sat in the back of left field, and the upper decks of the stadium seemed endless.  The corn stocks made sense because a small group of people sat in center field watching “Field of Dreams” on a mega screen.  Field of Dreams was a classic baseball film starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones that gives you a mysterious love and curiosity for the game.  It was fitting this film played tonight, here in a creative boundless city like San Francisco, because it perfected the atmosphere, and night’s rhetoric.  I really stood there, where Willie Mays had once stood, and that mysterious uplifting feel just made me believe I was a small piece, but I could contribute to whatever I wanted to in the world..  

Bob Campbell 1542

          It makes sense why those Giants teams won World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014.  That park has an inspirational feeling, probably bodes well with players like Hunter Pence or Buster Posey, and those teams were able to draw from it. That team has a relationship with the city of San Francisco. It gives a peaceful universal feeling as you stare at endless beautiful sights of art, but those teams come out of that oceanside fog, and our fueled with a drive to take beat out anyone else.  I’m thankful for the girls who let me walk on the outfield.  That fall of 2014, I’d smile reliving the chills in my spine, as I watched balls hit in the right center field gap during the World Series on TV, because I was standing right there.



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