Is Your Team Going to the World Series? You Should Be There!

As a Boston Red Sox fan, so far, I have been spoiled by their 21st Century World Series success.  A small group of friends and I had the opportunity to attend Game 1 of the 2013 World Series for $200.00, a train ticket, on last minute notice.  The Red Sox hosted the St. Louis Cardinals at home in Boston for the first game on a cold October night at Fenway Park.  The Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals are two of the most historic teams in baseball, facing off for their fourth World Series, in a major market setting, and both having dominant 2013 regular season campaigns.  This was no easy game to get into, I would pay $200.00 and a train ticket anytime, and when it’s your teams turn, so can you. Maybe your team will be in the World Series this year, maybe it will be 10years from now, but here’s a strategy for you to be ready for any World Series Matchup.

Make Friends With a Food Vendor 

We were able to buy four Standing Room World Series Tickets, because my friend is friends with a guy, who’s family owns two Sausage Carts, outside of Fenway Park.  Every Vendor outside a ballpark is given a certain amount of tickets to every Home Postseason Baseball Game.  Chances are, they want the year’s extra business, and you want those tickets, here our some ideas to help you stand out.

dog man

Photocred:, Red Sox Organization’s Vendor “Dog Man”

-Make friends with the vendor, at the worst you’ll annoy the owner, but they’ll never tell you to screw.  They want to build regulars, even if they think you’re awfully strange, you don’t have to worry about getting a NO!

-Look for Creative Niches, see if there’s anything that can generate the WHY to their business.  People love to tell the personal story behind their business, it’s their passion, and they love being able to connect with others about it.

Keep all questions open ended, “Why did you start this stand? How did you end up outside this park? That’s a cool symbol, why did you pick it? What do think of this teams chances?”

-REMEMBER THAT VENDOR’S NAME, it may take a few visits, but if you remember that Vendor’s name, it will inspire him/her to learn yours.  Saying their name will open up how you met, then you follow up with what you liked about their story, they feel flattered they stuck out to you, and it gives you the opportunity to capitalize on a relationship more personal than business/customer.  If those tickets are up for grabs, this process is what planted the seeds to have your relationship come to mind.

There are Open Seats

I found seats by the bottom of the 2nd because a couple people holding the flag for the National Anthem didn’t show up. Don’t trust the television cameras.  There are open seats in whatever park and all you have to do is make it in to find them.

-Employees/Vendors not accepting the seats provided for them.  I lived this example and found seats down the first base line because of whatever reason those Flag Holders didn’t want them.  Much respect to those Flag Holders for still dedicating time to their country.

Bob Campbell 583

Craig throwing up the wave for his 2nd found seat.

-Season ticket holders are human, small events always happen in people’s lives that can trickle to them not making an event.

“My kid’s sick.  I have to be up early.  I’m old and it’s too cold this time of year for me.” Life happens.

-There’s always the classic scalper route. If you wait til the game starts, they’ll be pressing to break even, because the last thing a scalper wants to do is wander the streets, and waste money.

Bob Campbell 1540

SanFran Giants, WS Champions ’10 ’12 ’14. Your seat is out there.

My point is, there’s always open seats, getting into a World Series is the hard part, the worst that happens is someone shows you a ticket, and tells you to get out of their seat.  You’re in, stay sharp, spend that first inning covering ground, and you will be rewarded.

Was it Worth It?

I’d take the deal I received anytime, 10/10.  I’m a huge baseball fan, a bit biased, but if you can dish out $200.00 and find a seat worth at least a couple hundred more, it’s a deal in my book, but let’s break this down.

-Where did this game take place? Fenway Park in Boston, major baseball market, top two most expensive park to see a game, overall expensive state to live.

-When’s the next time the World Series is coming to town?  No one knows, anything can happen over the course of a season, if you have any money, capitalize.

-What’s your team matchup looking like, Return on investment? In 2013, the Red Sox did not look like a postseason contender.  They made their “Blood, Sweat, Beards” 97win improbable run after the Boston Marathon bombing, against teams that were much better on paper, including the 2013 Cardinals who had incredible pitching depth.  They’re arguably the second most legendary World Series winning team in Boston’s history, and as a fan, I’m not sure I can put an ROI on that emotion.

2013 World Series Game 6: St. Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red Sox


Ask yourself, “What’s my Return on Investment in seeing my team play in the World Series?”

I hope your team makes the World Series someday, I hope you’re there too.

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