Ted Coine: Our Social World and 21st Century Leadership

            My first online Influencer based post is dedicated to a man, who I’ve never met in person, named Ted Coine.  Ted is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Inc. Top 100 Leadership Expert,  Author of A World Gone Social, Co Founder of Switch and Shift, and former CEO of The Extraordinary Network.  The list of accomplishments goes on for Ted as he dedicates his work to helping us understand how social media has transformed the way we do business, ways to identify 21st leadership in the workplace, and follows his passion for education.  When you see how companies represent their brands online, a CEO casually working among lower level employees, meet an ordinary person who helps solve extraordinary problems, you’ll understand Influencers like Ted pioneered us through the transition of the Industrial to Social Age. 

After my college graduation, I found myself facing job rejection after job rejection.  It was difficult to explain my widespread degree, find my education’s compatibility to my work experience, and tell the story of my resume.  I’ve never been one to stand out in the classroom, to be honest, I found much more experience in being apart of organizations, and having to deal with people.  For the first time in my young adult career thoughts ran through my head if I had messed up.

I’d ponder, “Should I have changed my major? Did I really graduate college and have nothing to show for it? Did I F**K up?”

Sitting in my parents back yard, pondering the times how I stated I’d create options for myself, a piece of paper all of a sudden seemed to define me, reassured feelings of my network’s strength faded, and an exhausting feeling of defeat just swept over me.  

a world gone social

                Twitter is my favorite platform for social media because of how you can quickly obtain information and form genuine relationships online.  I began following Ted, reading his blogs, and every time I tweeted him, he engaged back.  As I continued job interviews, I incorporated questions based around Ted’s belief that companies need social media departments.  If a company wasn’t participating on social media, I would lose interest in them.  I purchased his book A World Gone Social and read it through the end of the summer.  At first, A World Gone Social felt like reading fiction about a futuristic fast paced society, the stories brought me back to reality in how people’s voices can be hard, and companies must adapt from how close a business’s relationships with customers truly are.  Reading this book made me begin to believe there a place for me in this world, business’s no longer define bosses/employee relationships in simple black and white categories, because our Social Age has seperated organizations in many shades of gray area.

That fall, I tweeted an article about how Fox rebuilt customer relations after their broadcast experienced a black out during the 2015 World Series in Kansas City.  I tagged Ted, Ted retweeted the article, but also praised my knowledge of social in front of his audience.  To take it a step further, Ted dedicated an entire blog to my knowledge of social, this man wanted me to know my efforts were appreciated, that I was developing in this subject, and his influence gave me an a feeling of importance.  fox blackout It may have seemed a simple gesture to Ted, as a struggling post college graduate, it meant the world that a Forbes Top Ten Social Media Influencer took time to write about my “knowledge”.  I’m now launching my website, while working for a cloud based company in Boston’s Seaport,using social to generate sales leads(topics covered by Ted).  I can’t thank Ted enough for giving me his time, helping me remember my personal values, and giving me the confidence that I can adapt in our changing fast paced world.

ted coine 2    What makes Ted’s leadership qualities standout is how he lives his values everyday.  Ted maintains the ability to selflessly give, to treat people genuinely, and his actions are what will plant the seeds for future generations growing up with social media.  In a time where “leaders” participate in name calling, we can look to people like Ted, who proves the innovated leader is a giver, and only use their influence to help others succeed.  As the world changes, the successful organizations will be led by people willing to adapt with the times, where leadership is practiced by listening and giving, and have employees contributing to an organization’s culture. Ted, thank you, I wish you the best, and I’m confident the future of education will shift with new emotional intelligence under your guidance.

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